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History of the Keefers
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Massive development planned for Gallaher, Maplehurst and Welland Mills properties

The City of Thorold has clinched a deal with a consortium of private parties designed to dramatically change the face of Thorold's downtown area and generate millions of dollars of economic spin-offs for the municipality.

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Citizens pitching in to help preserve historic mansion

In its nearly 120 years as one of Thorold's most dramatic landmarks, the Maplehurst mansion has gone from being a home of one of the community's founding families, to a hospital, to an abandoned ghost house in danger of being torn down

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Developer opens doors to Maplehurst mansion

It was like one big homecoming at Maplehurst last week. During a five-hour period last Sunday, an estimated 700 to 800 people roamed through the 19th century mansion commanding a high spot near the corner of St. David's Road and Front Street, and overlooking Thorold's downtown. The numbers that…

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Maplehurst, Welland Mills next on the list

If you are looking for Phil Ritchie these days, chances are you'll find him hard at work inside what may very well be the crown jewel of buildings destined for rejuvenation in Thorold's downtown. The president of Keefer Developments Ltd., who's been pictured so often in the last few years…

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The Keefer Group

The Keefer Mansion is part of the Keefer group of companies operating over 40 commercial and residential properties throughout the Niagara Region. We strive for excellence in our product and service delivery. We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence.

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